K-1 LEGENDS: Melvin Manhoef

Melvin Ready to Pounce

What is there to say about Melvin Manhoef? He is nicknamed “No Mercy” and for a very important reason; Melvin is a mass murder machine inside of the ring. To step in front of Melvin is to step in front of 198 pounds of raw fury and aggression. Melvin not only competes in kickboxing, but Mixed Martial Arts as well, fighting in FEG (K-1’s parent company)’s very own DREAM. Melvin is known for having very heavy hands and an incredible style that always entertains. Melvin comes into his fight on 8/11 against the Russian Muay Thai sensation Ramazan Ramazanov.

To understand the fury of Melvin, you need to understand what the somewhat undersized competitor is capable of. In December of 2008, Melvin met the 280lbs. heavyweight kickboxing legend Mark Hunt in a MMA bout. Melvin was seriously outweighed and his main weapon, his deadly fists, would be no match against the hard skull of Mark Hunt, the man not even Cro Cop could knock out.

Melvin then went in and did the impossible by knocking out Mark Hunt in short order. To fans of Manhoef, it was not surprising, as he has unmatched power and fury for a fighter his size. Melvin does not get paid by the minute, and while most fighters are willing to put on long, technical fights that go to the judge’s score card, 26 of Melvin’s victories have come through devastation. To see exactly what he is capable of in a kickboxing contest, watch his destruction of Ruslan Karaev.

Are you starting to see it? There are very few fighters as exciting or powerful as Melvin Manhoef. While Manhoef faced a setback at DREAM.10 against jiu-jitsu master Paulo Filho, expect him to come in as hungry as ever to qualify for the WGP.


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