Rumors of a DREAM Match Between KID/Kawajiri Begin

KID Yamamoto

KID Yamamoto

K-1 proved its dominance over the world of MMA at the last K-1 MAX show when a virtual unknown in Japan, Korean fighter Jae hee Cheon unloaded a deadly left hook that left KID Yamamoto face down on the mat and FEG’s biggest star on a two-fight losing streak. The arena was silent; crushed. Adding insult to injury for MMA, Tatsuya Kawajiri, the DREAM fighter who has been gaining steam the past few years was decimated by the 2008 K-1 World MAX Champion Masato. Kawajiri’s corner was forced to throw the towel in after the monumental beating being laid upon him by the skilled hands and feet of the World MAX Champion.

So it comes as no surprise when during a K-1 Press Event, there were some strong hints that KID Yamamoto could meet “Crusher” Kawajiri in a dream match for MMA fans. Both men are looking to get back on track after their K-1 disasters, and a win over the other would do a lot for the public perception.


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