Kickboxing Primer: Why Kickboxing?

K-1 has been on HDNet for a while now, and it still seems like a lot of people aren’t getting into it. It can be a bit daunting to just start following an already well-established sport, especially one that is in a rebuilding stage at the time. We all remember that while the UFC was getting popular; when Forrest Griffin’s heart and fortitude captivated a generation, when Chuck Liddell’s overhand right made your friend that hates sports cheer for him and when Tito Ortiz was pissing off Ken Shamrock that K-1 was, well, a freakshow.

K-1 was throwing you Bob Sapp, giants with tumors, Butterbean and every other atrocity on record while UFC was becoming a serious sport.

These days are gone, and while K-1 has a lot to prove, they are doing a bang-up job. So Why Kickboxing? Stay tuned and I’ll tell you why.


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