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Slamm 6 Details

Some details (including a pretty swank poster) are now available for Slamm 6, to be held November 29 with a Holland v. Thailand theme. Slamm events are contested under full Muay Thai rules and feature some of the sport’s biggest names. Matches announced/rumored so far include:

Rayen Simson v. L’Houcine Ouzgni (Simson returement fight)
Mootje Kamal v. Anuwat Kaewsamrit
Mosab Amrani v. Bovy sor Udomson

The poster also features Yodsaenklai Fairtex and Marco Pique, though their opponents remain unknown.


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K-1 Making an Investment in Ghita

ghitaThe It’s Showtime website is reporting that K-1 and recent K-1 Final 16 Qualifying GP winner Daniel Ghita have come to a multi-year agreement to ensure we’ll be seeing him in K-1 cards to come. After his impressive performance there was no doubt that they wanted him to become a mainstay in the K-1 World Grand Prix.

Now of course all eyes will be on him when he faces off against the rumored Semmy Schilt in Seoul at the next K-1 card. There are a lot of people with a lot of expectations for Ghita to become the “future star” of the K-1 heavyweight division. Semmy Schilt will be a huge test for Ghita.

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It’s Showtime! Footage: Manhoef the Defensive

Any and all video from this event on the internet is quite poor right now, sadly. You’ll note the shakey-cam throughout, but it is interesting to note Manhoef’s style throughout this fight. It seems like he is fighting a lot more of a defensive style, possibly preparing for another bout with Remy Bonjasky’s high kicks flying at him?


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Combat Legend Funaki Returns to Pro Wrestling?

Funaki is a name many will know from a more recent stint in DREAM and his fight against Kazushi Sakuraba at K-1 Dynamite!! 2007, but he has been fighting for a very long time, as he was one of the founders of combat sports organization Pancrase.

His roots, of course, are with professional wrestling. Funaki was the charismatic youngster at a time when Shin’ya Hashimoto, Minoru Suzuki and Masahiro Chono were getting their starts as well. Funaki fit in with the likes of Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Akira Maeda and soon joined the ranks of UWF after the “shoot” group splintered from the more “traditional” New Japan Pro Wrestling. The legend of Masakatsu Funaki began then, and after 50+ MMA bouts, he makes his return to a pro wrestling ring to round out his career.

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Latest Final 16 Rumors: Overeem Out?

Rumors continue to fly regarding the K-1 Grand Prix Final 16 on September 26. Latest rumors indicate that Alistair Overeem may have turned down the proposed fight with Peter Aerts and will not be participating in the Grand Prix. Instead, Aerts will face Junichi Sawayashiki.

In addition, two other fights have been discussed: Tyrone Spong v. Glaube Feitosa and Paul Slowinski v. Takumi Sato, with the winners of these two fights moving on to the reserve fight at the final 8. Readers of K-1 Legend will note that last week we mentioned Catalin Morosanu v. Taiei Kin for a reserve spot instead. We also reported that Slowinski had to drop out of an event this weekend due to injury, and that this injury would keep him out of action for a few months, so rumors of Slowinski v. Sato may be premature.

All of this Final 16 confusion will be cleared up tomorrow, as K-1 will officially announce the final card:

In an unprecedented move for K-1 the line-up for the FieLDS K-1 GRAND PRIX IN SEOUL -FINAL 16- to be held in Seoul, Korea in the Olympic Gymnasium on September 26 will be simultaneously announced around the globe on Septmeber 21 from 3:00 P.M.(Tokyo, JAPAN GMT +9:00)

Check back tomorrow morning with K-1 Legend as we will have the official card finally posted.


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K-1 MAX Final 10.26 Poster

News about the next K-1 MAX event have been few and far between since a press conference in July and that has been it. So it came as a surprise when I visited the official site today and at least saw they had a poster tossed together. Can’t find it in higher quality yet, but here is a preview of the banner. from their site. No surprises as to who graces the banner and no new information.

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It’s Showtime Results

Full results from the It’s Showtime card yesterday in Budapest featuring K-1 fighters Melvin Manhoef and Gego Drago among others:

It’s Showtime
August 29, 2009

Ádám Polgár VS Viktor Halmi
Éliás Dániel VS Dániel Géczi
Krisztián Jászka VS Roland Vörös
Sander Duyvis vs Zatureczky Zsolt, DEC
Gustáv Dietz VS Attila Végh, KO
Imre Zsolt VS Marino Schouten, DEC
Rico Verhoeven VS Gábor Meiszter, DEC
Vladimir Moravcik VS Murthel Groenhart, DEC

Main Card:
Dénes Rácz VS Melvin Manhoef, KO 3
Wendell Roche VS Rustemi Kreshnik, DEC
Rodney Glunde VS Ondrej Hutnik, DEC
Gregory Choplin VS Dimitry Shakuta, DEC
Barnabas Szücs VS Gago Drago, DEC
Björn Bregy VS Attila Karacs, DEC

No huge surprises here with Manhoef, Karacs, and Drago all winning. It took Drago into an extension round to secure the decision victory over Szucs, but it is still a much needed win for him.

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