Andy Souwer’s Road to Redemption

With a truly amazing record of 133-7-1, K-1 MAX’s Andy Souwer has lost just four fights in the past six years – to Buakaw Por Pramuk in the 2006 finals, to Artur Kyshenko in last year’s semi-finals, to Giorgio Petrosyan earlier this year, and to Kenichi Ogata outside of K-1 in 2006. 

For Souwer, this year’s K-1 World MAX Grand Prix can be characterized by one word – redemption.  Last month, he redeemed his loss against Kyshenko, defeating him in the quarter final round.  This earned him a spot in the semi-finals against Buakaw in a much anticipated rematch of the 2005 and 2006 finals (check out the excellent 2006 finals below).  A win there and he is in the finals, where there is a very strong chance his opponent will be Petrosyan. 

As Souwer looks to become the first ever three time K-1 World MAX champion, three men who have defeated him stand in his way.  One has already gone down, two more to go, on Andy Souwer’s 2009 path to redemption.


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