K-1 World Grand Prix Seoul – Asia GP Results

jaideepThis event is in the books now, if you really can’t wait for the HDNet broadcast of the show, there are some videos here. The big news is Gokhan Saki was upset in a decision loss and the 21 year old Jaideep looked incredible in his tournament victory.

It looks like this will be airing on the 21st on HDNet for those interested, although I might be tempted to say “skip this one” and keep focused on the WGP in Tokyo show next week.

a. Ik Hwan Chang (3R Dec. 2-1) Joung Hyun Koh
b. Hyun Man Myung (3R Dec. 3-0) Nae Chul Kim
1. Quarterfinal: Taiei Kin (3R 0:00 TKO [towel]) Sun Wu
2. Quarterfinal: Takumi Sato (Ext.R DEC 3-0) Yang Rae Yoo
3. Quarterfinal: Singh “Heart” Jaideep (2R 1:35 KO [right hook]) Yong Soo Park
4. Quarterfinal: Min Ho Song (3R Dec. 2-0) Taisei Ko
5. Reserve Bout: KOICHI (3R Dec. 3-0) Yusuke Sakashita
6. Superfight: Jae Hee Cheon (3R Dec. 3-0) Tae Han Kim
7. Semi-Final: Taiei Kin (Ext.R Dec 2-1) Takumi Sato
8. Semi-Final: Singh “Heart” Jaideep (1R 2:45 KO [right low kick]) Min Ho Song
9. Superfight: Pavel Zuravliov (3R Dec. 3-0) Gokhan Saki
10. Final: Singh “Heart” Jaideep (3R Dec. 3-0) Taiei Kin


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