It’s Showtime Upcoming Cards

Later this month, Europe-based It’s Showtime has a solid card set up:

August 29
Éliás Dániel VS Géczi Dániel
Végh Attila VS Dietz Gusztáv
Németh Gábor VS TBA
Halmi Viktor VS TBA
Rico Verhoeven VS Meiszter Gábor
Murthel Groenhart VS Toth István
Vörös Roland VS TBA
Marino Schouten VS TBA
Daniel Ghita VS Wendell Roche
Ricardo Fyeet VS Brunner Tihamér
Ondrej Hutnik VS Abdoulie Joof
Dimitry Shakuta VS Gregory Choplin
Gago Drago VS Szücs Barna
Rácz Dénes VS Melvin Manhoef
Karacs Attila VS Björn Bregy

This will be an interesting test for Drago who has been very hot and cold lately with major loses to Yamamoto and Direcki, but the big win against Sato in K-1.

Sadly, It’s Showtime also announced that their August 15 show, featuring Badr Hari, Buakaw v. Direcki, and more was cancelled due to a licensing issue.

They also have an initial line-up for a November 21 card, and the main event is a great one:

November 21
Murat Direkçi VS Giorgio Petrosyan
Chahid Oulad El Hadj VS Chris Ngimbi
Sem Braan VS Dimitry Shakuta
Paul Slowinsky VS Daniël Githa
William Diender VS Harut Grigorian
Mourad Bouzidi VS Pavel Majer
Aschwin Balrak VS Rustemi Kreshnik
Marat Grigorian VS Kenneth van Eesvelde
Rico Verhoeven VS Jantje Siersema
Leroy Kestner VS Nikos Tharamas
Errol Koning VS Marino Schouten
Sergio Wielzen VS Kerry Hamilton
Robin Vriend VS Clyde Peters
Johanna Jedrzejczyk VS Titiana van Polanen
Sony Dagread VS TBA

It should be noted that It’s Showtime line-ups do often change, so this far out especially, don’t expect the November card to be exactly as advertised.

Badr Hari v. Semmy Schilt, It’s Showtime Amsterdam, May 16, 2009:


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One response to “It’s Showtime Upcoming Cards

  1. PJ

    Karacs Attila VS Björn Bregy should be great. These Showtime cards can be really good from time to time.

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