K-1 Heavyweight Champion Keijiro Maeda No More

Taro Miyaki; formerly Keijiro Maeda

Kyotaro; formerly Keijiro Maeda

No, I don’t mean that K-1 has stripped Keijiro Maeda of the Heavyweight Belt like Badr Hari, or that Maeda lost an unpublicized bout for the title over the past few days. It is a lot weirder than that, actually. Keijiro Maeda has changed his name, in honor to his mother, to KYOTARO.

To go along with this new name comes a new attitude and look; no longer does Keijiro Maeda look like an extra from the cyberpunk classic “Blade Runner.” His multi-colored hair is now back to its natural shade of black, and with this new look and attitude he promises to grow as a fighter as well. He has his sights set on winning the K-1 World Grand Prix for his mother and for Japan as a whole.


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