K-1 Posts Koushien Hype on YouTube!

K-1’s Official YouTube channel has just uploaded some hype for the upcoming K-1 KOUSHIEN Tournament, including press conferences and preliminary fights for the youth fighters to gain entrance into the prestigious KOUSHIEN Tournament. Each younger fighter is looking to be the next HIROYA, who has since age 15 become a big K-1 favorite and is seen as the future Japanese star of K-1.



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2 responses to “K-1 Posts Koushien Hype on YouTube!

  1. Jillykins

    While they want him to be seen as the future Japanese star or you know the next Masato – he really isn’t a big K-1 favorite or whatever. People don’t really care about him right now and a lot of it has to do with the fact he lacks charisma and to be blunt the looks as well.

    What also doesn’t help is the clear favoritism. Yudai who beat him to win K-1’s inaugral youth tournament has been blackballed. Last year he didn’t deserve to beat Koya Urabe either and in his most recent fight he really should have been counted for a knockdown which was conveniently ruled a slip.

    It’s a shame as he does have some skills and has suffered from the pressure and transition into something he can’t be. By that I mean he fights the way K-1 ideally wants him to fight and it takes away his strengths.

    Unlike his peers (the aforementioned Urabe and Yudai) he doesn’t fight outside of K-1 where the best Japanese lightweight talent compete currently. For instance, K-1 dispatched Daisuke Uematsu to fight against Naoki Ishikawa in Krush a fight he naturally lost. But one that will make him stronger.

  2. Dave

    I totally agree with you that nobody really cares about him right now. They are selling him like a big deal, but most fans resent him for being given easy fights and a ton of spotlight.

    He is another case of K-1 bending their own rules for a Japanese star in [vein] hopes he makes them a lot of money at some point. I’ve even heard they don’t want to give him anything resembling a real fight until he is 25?!

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