Yosuke Nishijima: The Shoes Make it Easier to Punch

Nishijima Public Workout. Source; GBRing.com

Nishijima Public Workout. Source; GBRing.com

Yosuke Nishijima held an open workout today in Japan. Much like Peter Aerts did a few days ago, and Nishijima had a few words in response to Aerts discussing how Nishijima wearing shoes will prevent him from kicking and give him quite a sizable handicap in K-1 competition.

Nishijima, a renowned boxer argued that it won’t be a handicap at all, it will be a strength for him. The shoes will allow for him to plant his feet into the mat and put all of his strength into his punches, as well as improve his footwork, something that has been lacking in his MMA bouts where he does not have the luxory of wearing shoes.

If history has taught us any lessons, it is that a boxer wearing his shoes facing a kickboxer is going to see a lot of leg kicks. Nishijima has been training to defend kicks and knows how to check leg kicks, as he has had training for both kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts, but against a kicker like Aerts it might not be the best plan.


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