K-1 KOUSHIEN Final 16 Complete

hiroyakickK-1’s Under 18 70kg came to a finish today, with Shintaro Matsukura scoring an Extra Round (which for U-18 means 2nd Round) Decision victory over Koki Saito. Saito won a 1R Decision over Ryu Ueda after a knockout victory over Akahiro Nakamura. Matsukura won a 1R Decision over Seiya Matsuhana and his decision over Taichi Sato. The 64kg tournament is still ongoing.

The 22-bout card was finished off by golden-boy HIROYA scoring a 3R. Decision victory (3-0) over Kohei Nishikawa.  K-1’s golden-boy unable to finish a hand-selected opponent does not fare well for him and probably means a few more opponents not quite at the pro level for a bit more. Nishikawa before the fight said he did not understand why HIROYA was the new face of K-1 and that he would dismantle the young ace, but was unable to deliver on such promises.

K-1’s focus now is on tomorrow’s big World Grand Prix show.



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2 responses to “K-1 KOUSHIEN Final 16 Complete

  1. Jillykins

    Now it’s just getting sad.

    At least this proves that he’s not above the rest of the kids though.

  2. Dave

    They really should call it a day on the whole experiment.

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