Ghita’s Record Breaking GP Time

ghitaThe K-1 main page has a story up claiming Ghita’s time for the tournament last week was a dazzling 5:15 from beginning to end, with Ghita stopping all of his opponents in stunning domination. This breaks the previous record held by Peter Aerts in 1998 of 6:43 for the World GP.

The level of competition was surely different then than now, and if Manhoef would have moved on who knows what the outcome would have been, but for now Ghita has made K-1 history. It would probably be a good setup for Aerts/Ghita for a later stage in the 2009 World Grand Prix. Hopefully you caught this show on HDNet over the weekend, as it doesn’t look to be replaying again this month. On the plus side, the Asia GP will be airing this weekend and we’ll get some more K-1 MAX before the next MAX show in October (which is still without a card, sadly). News on the K-1 front has been slow of late, but keep checking and we’ll have news as it comes.


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