K-1 Fan Uncertain of Ghita’s Win

Over at FansofK1, a fansite that runs on a loose, fanpost model that has a rather rabid fanbase, one of the posters has put up an article discussing Ghita’s win, claiming it to be possibly a bit too easy. There were some last minute changes and substitutions for this show, as does happen in the world of fighting where injuries prevail. No doubt he didn’t have to face Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts or even Melvin Manhoef, but these feeder tournaments are generally not overflowing with elite level talent. The elite level talent has already qualified for the Finals.

The conclusion is simple.

  • Daniel Ghita won the GP. Did he deserve it? Of course, this is a sport and that’s what a sport is like – unpredictable. He trained hard, and whichever opponents he got – were not his choice. There is no doubt that he’s got power and his defense is solid enough, at least it was solid against the 2 challengers and an exhausted Laschenko.
  • Sergii Laschenko is an amazing attacker, and a much poorer defender, especially when it comes to low kicks. That man has incredible potential, he just needs to polish himself up.
  • K-1 organizers should’ve made more adequate match-ups in the GP. Even with the possible departure of Melvin Mahoef – they should’ve had someone strong on hand.

So, here’s to a sincere hope that the next K-1 GP will be more evenly matched, and then all fighters can showcase their true potential!


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