K-1 Koshien Tournament Continues Oct. 26

With all eyes on the K-1 and K-1 MAX Grand Prix’s, there’s not much room for hype for the ongoing K-1 Koshien 62 kg tournament. Yet despite these fighters’ young ages (or, perhaps, because of their young ages) Koshien fights are often action packed and highly entertaining. A selection of free fights can be found here on K-1’s YouTube channel. With many fights lasting only one 2-minute round, action tends to be fast and furious. Here is an excellent example of the kind of action Koshien can deliver:

Each video shows one of the fighters qualifying for the round of 16, held on August 10. At less than 10 minutes each, they are well worth your time.

The Koshien 62 kg round of 8 will take place at the MAX finals on Oct. 26, with the final four taking place on New Year’s Eve at Dynamite. For more on Koshien action, click here.


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