K-1 LEGENDS: Buakaw Por. Pramuk


With the K-1 MAX show the next K-1 show on the horizon on Oct. 26 from Yoyogi Stadium 2nd in Japan, it is time to look forward to the fighters that over the past few years helped pick up the slack for K-1 when its heavyweight division was, well, not exactly the hottest ticket on the market. It is impossible to discuss K-1 MAX (70kg and under) without discussing the No. 4 fighter, Buakaw Por.Pramuk.

Buakaw began his career in Muay Thai at age 15 and has been competing since that ripe young age. He first came into the public view breaking into K-1’s MAX division, winning his first K-1 tournament, which was the fourth MAX tournament. Buakaw went on to win a tough decision over K-1’s golden boy Masato.

This cemented his status as an elite level kickboxer for the weight class. The next year he made the finals, suffering a tough, 2nd. extension round loss to Andy Souwer, only to come back in 2006 and gain vengeance for the loss. It was another tough fight, but Buakaw’s style was too much and he was able to knock Souwer out.

The next two years were not as good for Buakaw, whose muay thai clinch had strict restrictions set upon it after his win over K-1 Japanese favorite Masato. It was all, of course, in the interest of fairness, right? Buakaw enters the finals this year with yet another meeting with Souwer scheduled. We expect nothing less than fireworks.



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6 responses to “K-1 LEGENDS: Buakaw Por. Pramuk

  1. Jillykins

    You shouldn’t forget Buakaw beat Faldir Chahbari, Yoshihiro Sato and John Wayne Parr in the last two years. The way he made Holzken look like a complete amateur speaks volumes. And I’m not going to waste any words on the Dida fight. He also should have gotten the nod over Kraus in their fight in Holland where the crowd booed the decision and applauded Buakaw as he left the ring.

    All in all, losing to Masato and Sato really isn’t a big deal. Masato is elite and Sato is just a really tough guy to put away, it’s not surprising Buakaw was the only one strong enough to be able to finish him. To be honest, I consider those his only two “legit” losses in the last 5 years. I didn’t feel Andy did enough to beat him and the same goes for Kraus who somehow walked away with the decision in 2 of their 4 fights.

  2. Dave

    Buakaw has been my favorite fighter since I saw him a few years ago and I’m still bitter over the clinch thing.

    I agree that losses to Masato and Sato aren’t bad at all. I love Souwer but that fight didn’t feel right.

  3. frasercoffeen

    I’ll give you that the last Kraus win was tainted, but by that logic, I refuse to give Buakaw credit for the recent win over Parr, which was as ridiculous a decision as Kraus/Buakaw. And between the Drago loss and his recent showing, I’m not sure I buy Sato as the kind of top guy that Buakaw (or Souwer, or Kyshenko, or Petrosyan) should be losing to at all.

    I like Buakaw, and would love to see him dominate the final 4, but right now he’s lost a step.

  4. Jillykins

    No, it wasn’t. That bout was scored under Muay Thai rules even though it didn’t feature elbows. JWP would know better than anyone and even he stated he lost fairly. There was nothing ridiculous about it.

    Sato beat Mes which is very impressive (didn’t think there was anything “bad” about that showing, it’s a simple clash of styles) and should have defeated Drago after three, but the judges felt it had to go to ANOTHER unfortunate draw. This is how young up and comers like HINATA get shafted as well.

    If he lost a step and still managed to beat fighters like Chahbari and Holzken with ease then that just shows how far ahead he is/was compared to everyone else.

    • frasercoffeen

      “If he lost a step and still managed to beat fighters like Chahbari and Holzken with ease then that just shows how far ahead he is/was compared to everyone else.”

      Certainly you’ll get no arguments from me there!

  5. newbi

    I don’t know if i would call the last fight against Masato a fair win, he had it all against him, the crowed, the public, and the judges.

    To me that “knock down” was more like a slip and the referee was just waiting for a excuse to give Masato more points.

    Sorry i feel like Buakaw is the most cheated fighter in whole max.

    It’s a strange love/Hate relationship he has whit K1.

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