Weekend Results: Girls S-Cup, International Muay Thai

RenaAs we mentioned last week, this weekend saw a big event in the world of female kickboxing – the Girls S-Cup. The event was won by tournament favorite Rena. No footage has surfaced just yet.

Girls S-Cup 2009, August 23
Opening Round: Rena def. Masako Yoshida (Dec)
Opening Round: Saori Ishioka def. Ai Takahashi (Dec)
Opening Round: Madoka Okada def. Misato Tomita (KO, Rd. 2)
Opening Round: “V Hajime” Yamaguchi def. Su Jeong Lim (Dec)
Reserve Match: Keiko Onuma def. Erika Nishida (Dec, Split)
Exhibition Match: Megumi Fujii vs. Hisae Watanabe (No winner declared)
Semifinal: Rena def. Saori Ishioka (TKO, Rd. 3)
Semifinal: “V Hajime” Yamaguchi def. Madoka Okada (Dec)
MMA: Shizuka Sugiyama def. Hitomi Sakamoto (Dec)
Super Fight: Yuko “Hiroko” Yamanaka def. Mayumi “Benkei” Aoki (TKO, Rd. 1)
Finals Rena def. “V Hajime” Yamaguchi (Dec)

To see more from Rena, click here for Rena v. MIKU from last year’s S-Cup.

Also this weekend was an interesting Muay Thai show in Cambodia featuring Contender Asia Season 1 star Dominik Zidov. Results are below:

August 20, Phnom Penh
Cheam Adam def. Sam Ourn Loung (KO, Rd. 4)
Um Dara def. Mey Sopheap (Doctor Stoppage, Rd. 4)
Ervant “The Russian Wolf” Atagyan DRAW Sen Bunthen (Bunthen fell out of ring)
Thun Sophea def. Dominik Zidov (Dec)
Vorn Viva def. Charlie Gillespie (Dec)


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2 responses to “Weekend Results: Girls S-Cup, International Muay Thai

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  2. Jeffery

    Please don’t call it a Muay thai show. Call it kickboxing. Cause people in Cambodia don’t use Muay Thai they use Pradal Serey.

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