Rumored Final 16 Fights: Ghita v. Schilt, more

Rumors have begun flying concerning the final 3 participants in the K-1 Grand Prix, as well as some of the Final 16 fights. Current rumors include:

Semmy Schilt v. Daniel Ghita in what has to be seen as a very tough test for Ghita. This fight has been confirmed by Ghita’s manager to Romanian website
Melvin Manhoef v. Remy Bonjasky. UPDATE: Manhoef has been confirmed as a wild card entrant by It’s Showtime. Odd match here as Bonjasky has easily beaten Manhoef twice before.
Badr Hari v. Zabit Samedov
Peter Aerts v. Alistair Overeem. This one seems to be definitely in the rumor stages at this point as Overeem has not yet been confirmed for the Grand Prix at all.

In addition, it is rumored that one of the remaining wild card slots will go to Hong Man Choi.

We will try to confirm these rumors and keep you updated throughout the day.



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3 responses to “Rumored Final 16 Fights: Ghita v. Schilt, more

  1. Dave

    Semmy/Ghita is a really interesting fight. Ghita is not being given an easy road into K-1 stardom, is he?

    Melvin/Remy is awful. I don’t quite understand why they would bother with that fight after the last few meetings. Especially when K-1 officials aren’t high on Remy as it is..

    Overeem/Aerts would be a great fight, but I’m not quite sure Mr. K1 would survive the onslaught.

  2. frasercoffeen

    The interesting thing to me about Ghita/Semmy is that, while Schilt must be the favorite, Ghita has the tools to win – namely size and aggression. I’d love to see him do it, but yeah, really tough fight for him. I expected him to get an easier opponent. And yes, I love Overeem/Aerts as well. Any fight that pushes Aerts into his fast paced old aggressive style is OK by me.

    Looking at the remaining fighters, I would be pretty surprised if we didn’t see Kyotaro v. Jaideep. Kyotaro is one fighter you know they want in the final 8, and, no offense to Jaideep, but he’s probably the easiest opponent in there.

  3. Dave

    Ghita has the brutality and power which could really trouble Semmy and his lay back and pick apart style.

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