DREAM.11 to Feature KID Yamamoto

Dream11The DREAM.11 Poster has been making its rounds over the past week or so, of course notable is that the SUPER HULK tournament continues on, with Gegard Mousasi looking to easily be the favorite in it.

On top of that, the Featherweight GP continues on, with KID Yamamoto slayer Joe Warren facing incredibly stiff competition from Bibiano Fernandes in the semi-finals. Hideo Tokoro, one of the favorites, faces off with Hiroyuki Takaya.

Hellboy finally makes his return to action against grappler Shin’ya Aoki for the DREAM Lightweight Championship.

The big additions are superstars Tatsuya “Crusher” Kawajiri, who we last saw being dismantled in the K-1 MAX ring against the #1 Middleweight fighter, MASATO, as well as the recently troubled KID Yamamoto, one of FEG’s biggest names in Japan. The previous rumor was that they would face each other, but the risks seemed to outweigh the potential right now with both men coming off of losses, so for now they are just “on the card” for October 6.


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One response to “DREAM.11 to Feature KID Yamamoto

  1. Jillykins

    So uhm KID is like not fighting.

    He has to recover his hunger first or whatever and is going to train abroad.

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