Shootboxing matches announced

Coming up next week, Japan’s Shootboxing organization, presenter’s of last weekend Girls S-Cup show, will host their next card. The event takes place on September 4, and so far only two matches have been announced:

Tyler Toner vs. Takaaki Umeno
Hiroki Shishido vs. Bowiei So Udomson

Toner earned the main event spot by upseting Shootboxing’s #1 star Kenichi Ogata on June 1, defeating Ogata by KO in 1 round after taking the fight on short notice. Primarily an MMA fighter with a record of 9-1 and trained by Duane Ludwig, Toner looks to continue his momentum here against Umeno.

Shishido is a former S-Cup finalist and K-1 veteran, while Bowiei So Udomson is a well regarded Thai fighter looking to make his mark in Japan.

UPDATE: Right after posting, more fights were announced:

Masahiro Fujimoto vs. Mamoru Yamaguci

Previously Announced:
SB Japan Super Featherweight Title Fight:
Tomohiro Oikawa vs. Hiroaki Suzuki

SB Japan Super Bantamweight Champion Fight:
Phantom Shinya vs. Noriyuki Enari

MMA fans may recognize longtime Shooto fighter Mamoru Yamaguci. Yamaguci has turned to kickboxing lately and has a 2-1 record to date.



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2 responses to “Shootboxing matches announced

  1. Jillykins

    Good to see Oikawa on a card again. For a while he had to duke it out with Takeshi Ishikawa for supremacy in SB’s (super)featherweight division, but he emerged victorious. Very good elbows and his title fights are usually the only guarantee for elbows on current SB events.

    He couldn’t quite handle his counterparts in other Japanese kickboxing federations like Masahiro Yamamoto though.

    A question for the writer(s) of this blog – do you follow the Krush events as well? The first Krush event was held in cooperation with FEG and their 70 KG tournament winner will probably find his way into K-1 MAX. They also have a lightweight tournament going and usually have some K-1 affiliated fighters on their shows.

  2. frasercoffeen

    Truthfully, I don’t follow Krush as closely as I should, largely because it’s hard to find information on them. But I will indeed add them to my radar. Thanks for mentioning them!

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