K-1 Making an Investment in Ghita

ghitaThe It’s Showtime website is reporting that K-1 and recent K-1 Final 16 Qualifying GP winner Daniel Ghita have come to a multi-year agreement to ensure we’ll be seeing him in K-1 cards to come. After his impressive performance there was no doubt that they wanted him to become a mainstay in the K-1 World Grand Prix.

Now of course all eyes will be on him when he faces off against the rumored Semmy Schilt in Seoul at the next K-1 card. There are a lot of people with a lot of expectations for Ghita to become the “future star” of the K-1 heavyweight division. Semmy Schilt will be a huge test for Ghita.


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One response to “K-1 Making an Investment in Ghita

  1. burim salihi

    yeah Daniel Ghita is the Real Deal, he is the future of this Sport
    i think he will KTFO sem schilt

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