Latest Final 16 Rumors: Overeem Out?

Rumors continue to fly regarding the K-1 Grand Prix Final 16 on September 26. Latest rumors indicate that Alistair Overeem may have turned down the proposed fight with Peter Aerts and will not be participating in the Grand Prix. Instead, Aerts will face Junichi Sawayashiki.

In addition, two other fights have been discussed: Tyrone Spong v. Glaube Feitosa and Paul Slowinski v. Takumi Sato, with the winners of these two fights moving on to the reserve fight at the final 8. Readers of K-1 Legend will note that last week we mentioned Catalin Morosanu v. Taiei Kin for a reserve spot instead. We also reported that Slowinski had to drop out of an event this weekend due to injury, and that this injury would keep him out of action for a few months, so rumors of Slowinski v. Sato may be premature.

All of this Final 16 confusion will be cleared up tomorrow, as K-1 will officially announce the final card:

In an unprecedented move for K-1 the line-up for the FieLDS K-1 GRAND PRIX IN SEOUL -FINAL 16- to be held in Seoul, Korea in the Olympic Gymnasium on September 26 will be simultaneously announced around the globe on Septmeber 21 from 3:00 P.M.(Tokyo, JAPAN GMT +9:00)

Check back tomorrow morning with K-1 Legend as we will have the official card finally posted.



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8 responses to “Latest Final 16 Rumors: Overeem Out?

  1. burim salihi

    well beside the 13 announced fighters i wanna see:
    Sergei Lashchenko – wild card
    Glaube Feitosa – wild card
    Paul Slowinski – wild card

    if they decide Manhoef and Musashi I WON’T WATCH THIS EVENT

  2. frasercoffeen

    Well, I fear you may be dissapointed. As I mentioned, I think Slowinski is out. Plus Manhoef’s manager has confirmed a wild card slot, and with the whole Musashi retirement news going on, he looks pretty solid as well.

    The final 16 is never that great of an event – more to set the table for the final 8, which I think this one will do quite nicely. Besides – Ghita v. Schilt? Great stuff there.

  3. burim salihi

    well do you think hong man choi will be here, FIGHT JEROME LE BANNER and then after 10 days goes and fights MINOWAMAN AND GEGARD MOUSASI ????????????????????????
    mark my words: Hong Man Choi Won’T be in this event
    Looks like Schilt will be eliminated again

  4. Dave

    FEG really doesn’t care about that. They’ve done much worse to bigger name fighters.

    Honsetly, I don’t think Choi is all that talented or deserves this spot, there are many other guys that do.

  5. frasercoffeen

    My understanding is that Choi gets on largely because of some sort of Korean TV/sponsorship deal. Shady? Of course, but this is Japan’s fight scene we’re talking about here, which has a long history of questionable moves like that.

    I also don’t think Choi cares one bit about taking a fight so close to Dream. He’ll go where the pay day is, and in this case he can get 2 big events in one month.

    And of course he doesn’t deserve the spot – that almost goes without saying. Doesn’t mean that, in reality, he won’t get it.

  6. J-SPOT

    completely vicious rumors…really stupid

    in Japan,those became already clear on mobile site
    opening fight is Catalin Morosanu and Taiei Kin

    Junichi Sawayashiki? he already retired

    Wild Card is 4, M,O,M,F

  7. burim salihi

    so its OFFICIAL
    bonjasky vs m.manhoef = great fight, i bet my money on Remy
    schilt vs ghita = the best fight of this event, just watch and enjoy, WAR GHITA
    badr hari vs sabit samedov, VIVA BADR VIVA MAROCCO
    peter aerts vs alistair overOIDS = dangerous fight for aerts, F@ck you steroids
    ewerton teixeira vs singha jaideep = Huge fight WAR Jaideep
    zimermann vs glaube feitosa = will be a NICE REVENGE
    kyotaro vs karaev = sh!t, i hate both fighters
    jerome le banner vs musashi = WAR lEbanner

  8. burim salihi

    Amazing event, the Best Ever in the history of this Sport

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