Complete K-1 Fan Voting Results

As part of today’s Final 16 announcement, K-1 also announced the official results from their online fan poll to determine the wild cards:

1. Alistair Overeem – 14104 votes
2. Melvin Manhoef – 9233
3. Mirko Crocop – 8153
4. Glaube Feitosa – 8102
5. Catalin Morosanu – 8093
6. Musashi – 8084
7. Mark Hunt – 3249
8. Tyrone Spong – 2069
9. Paul Slowinski – 2024
10. Stefan Leko – 1857
11. Pavel Zuravliov – 1835
12. Alexey Ignashov – 1383
13. Yosuke Nishijima – 1261
14. Ray Sefo – 1251
15. Gegard Mousasi – 1179
16. Mighty Mo – 1172
17. Taiei Kin – 1023
18. Freddy Kemayo – 809
19. Chalid “Die Faust” – 687
20. Hong-man Choi – 643
Others: 115
Total number of votes: 76,326

Looking at the numbers provides a few interesting details. First, it’s striking what a drop off there is between the top 6 and the rest of the pack. K-1 obviously noticed this as well since, with the exception of the UFC contracted CroCop, all the top 6 finishers are booked for the Final 16 show. Somewhat surprising that Morosanu is in that list of high vote getters considering he is not a particularly noted K-1 fighter, but it is good to see an exciting, young fighter get that attention.

I’m also rather surprised at Sefo’s poor showing. As one of the old school K-1 legends, and one of their more popular fighters, this is a low amount of support. Perhaps fans are responding to his awful 2-7 record in the past 3 years.

Finally, it is definitely note-worthy that Choi finished dead last. During K-1’s freak show days in the mid-00s, Choi, alongside Bob Sapp and Akebono, was a major draw for the company and really highlighted what was wrong with K-1 at the time. It is nice to see that fans no longer have any interest in these kind of freak show fights – hopefully K-1 will read the writing on the wall and phase Choi out completely.


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