K-1 Looks Towards India

At the Tokyo Grand Prix, K-1 commentator Michael Schiavello made a passing mention of Singh “Heart” Jaideep’s tournament victory opening the door for K-1 to expand into India. Now, it looks like this may be more than just a passing comment.

On their Japanese page, K-1 has published an interesting article about the fight scene in India. They make mention of MMA fighter Black Mamba, along with professional wrestlers Tiger Jeet Singh and the Great Khali before discussing Jaideep’s K-1 participation. In addition, they discuss other international sports stars hailing from India, with an extra emphasis on stars in combat sports.

This article seems to serve as an indication that K-1 does indeed have their sights set on India as a future market, as they even mention holding a K-1 tournament there in the future. That may put a tremendous amount of pressue on the shoulders of Jaideep, who clearly is being positioned as the poster figure for kickboxing in India. How he responds, and how K-1’s expansion does pan out will be interesting to watch



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2 responses to “K-1 Looks Towards India

  1. Leonardo

    Good blog, I have never seen it before, but now, I will link you from my blog.

    See you soon!

  2. burim salihi

    well, i love when my favorite sport is growing, and hope we will see K-1 in 2016 at Olympic Games
    i like this idea about K-1 in India, Huge country promises huge talents, look at Jaideep, he is only 21 and what he did at Asian GP, i think he has the ability to beat Teixeira, i could watch Jaideep in the final tournament

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