New Final 16 Fights Confirmed

LimK-1 has confirmed two additional fights for the Final 16:

In the MAX weight class, Korea GP winner Chi Bin Lim takes on the dangerous Muay Thai fighter hailing from Kosovo, Tahir Menxhiqi. Click here for quick highlights of Menxhiqi showing some devastating KO’s.

And in a women’s fight, it will be Olympic Gold Medalist Su Jeong Lim vs. Chen Qing. Lim made her K-1 debut at the MAX Korea show earlier this year defeating well regarded female kickboxing star Reina.



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3 responses to “New Final 16 Fights Confirmed

  1. burim salihi

    WAR tahir menxhiqi WAR ALBANIAN BROTHER
    and Edit this: HE IS NOT SERBIAN he is from KOSOVO

    • frasercoffeen

      Thanks for the clarification! Very excited to see Menxhiqi make his K-1 debut.

      • burim salihi

        your welcome, hope he does well
        and chi bin lim is a solid fighter
        soooo hyped for this amazing card, cant wait for september 26

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