Strikeforce Officials Talk Overeem

If you are a MMA fan, you have probably been up in arms over Alistair Overeem’s lack of title defenses in Strikeforce. Well, rest assured, Overeem is healed and will once again fight for Strikeforce — after he is done fighting in the K-1 World Grand Prix and fighting in his home of Golden Glory. MMAmania went out on a limb to get the scoop.

When contacted by ( ), Strikeforce officials were happy to report that Overeem’s injuries have finally healed and that he will compete in the upcoming kickboxing bout as part of his existing contract with K-1.

Following that bout, as well as a planned fight for Golden Glory, Overeem is expected to return to Strikeforce to defend his title.

And with Brett Rogers, Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko all gunning for first dibs, don’t expect him to receive a very warm welcome.

So it looks like Overeem has told Strikeforce that he’ll be fighting for them as soon as his obligations to other promotions are met. Here is the question that I beg to ask; if Overeem goes on to the K-1 WGP Finals, do you really see him rushing to get booked on a Strikeforce card? The same could be said if he gets “injured” again.


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One response to “Strikeforce Officials Talk Overeem

  1. burim salihi

    he refuses to fight in USA cuz of steroid tests where he is not clean at all, just like Josh Barnett, Strikeforce has great Heavyweight division with Fedor Emelianenko, Fabricio Werdum, Brett Rogers and DONT FORGET: Dream and Strikeforce have FULL Partnership, so the best heavyweights from Dream could fight in strikeforce

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