I’m Renaming This Blog “Overeem Legend” — Overeem’s Strikeforce Contract

Yet more Alistair Overeem news emerges, as he seems to be the talk of the town; be it his fights in Europe, his fights for FEG or his inactivity in US-based Strikeforce where he happens to hold a Heavyweight Championship. The guys at BE have a story up talking about Overeem’s Strikeforce situation, how he was never bound to a Championship clause with them. The actual interview is from MiddleEasy and is one of the most quotable interviews I’ve seen.

My contract with Strikeforce was only made about three months before the incident, I think they let me fight against (Vitor)Belfort and Paul (Buentello) to lose, but I won. Normally in a contract it says you have to defend your title within a certain period. But my contract just ended there. As I had a long term contract with FEG, I kept fighting for Dream and K-1. It’s ironic that we finally got an offer from Strikeforce and reached an agreement, and I get in some stupid brawl and cut my hand. In jail it got infected and it took longer than expected.

He also doesn’t hate Scientology unless Tom Cruise and Beck decide to declare war.


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