Kraus v. Kyshenko and Sato v. Kido Rumors

Now that the card for the Grand Prix Final 16 event is set, the rumor mill has started churning for the K-1 MAX Finals to be held October 26 at Yokohama Arena. Already set are the two semi-final fights: Giorgio Petrosyan v. Yuya Yamamoto and Andy Souwer v. Buakaw Por. Pramuk, with the winners to meet in the final fight. But now, two additional fights are being rumored:

Albert Kraus v. Artur Kyshenko
Yoshihiro Sato v. Yasuhiro Kido

Interesting fights if true. Kraus had a good year, but I don’t see him being able to handle Kyshenko. Sato v. Kido is a very intriguing fight between two men who had great runs in 2008 and have faced some let-down in 2009. With MASATO’s retirement, both Kido and Sato have their sights set on being the new top Japanese draw in MAX, and a win here will go a long way towards showing their dominance.

Of course, these are still firmly in the rumor stage, but we will keep you updated on any confirmation we can find.


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