Sapp in for Mousasi at Dream

NakasakoVssappK1Survival2002Bob Sapp confirmed to MMAWeekly that he will be stepping in for the injured Gegard Mousasi to face Sokodjou in the 2nd round of the Dream Super Hulk tournament at Dream 11. Sapp lost in the first round of the tournament to Ikushi Minowa.

Sapp also confirmed that on October 7, just one day after Dream, he would be returning to kickboxing, facing Alain Ngalani in Hong Kong.

Finally, Sapp discussed his New Year’s Eve plans. If he defeats Sokodjou the Super Hulk finals take place at Dynamite. But if he loses, Sapp noted that he would probably be fighting “a celebrity”. The obvious bet would be Jose Canseco, but we’ll at least have to wait until Dream 11 to get a better idea.



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3 responses to “Sapp in for Mousasi at Dream

  1. Dave

    There is no way Sapp wins this. Honestly, no way that Sapp wins a fight in his career again.

  2. frasercoffeen

    He has no chance against Sokodjou to be sure, but I could see him taking Canseco if that actually happens.

  3. burim salihi

    finale: sokoudjou vs HMC

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