Badr Hari Special on HDNet Tonight

kabe-badaBadr Hari fans (and I know there are many) take note – tonight at 10:00 pm Eastern HDNet presents the premiere of “In This Corner: Badr Hari.”

The storied 5 year career of K1 Kickboxing’s Badr “The Golden Boy” Hari is chronicled from his rise to the top of the Grand Prix ranks to his self-destructive downfall. Witness the amazing, jaw-dropping knockout power of the Moroccan Muay-Thai prodigy and receive insight from those who have followed the star through his rollercoaster career. Fights against Stefan Leko, Ruslan Karavev and Remy Bonjaski are featured.

Click here for upcoming show times and here for a preview video.



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2 responses to “Badr Hari Special on HDNet Tonight

  1. Dave

    I wonder if we’ll get the Overeem fight as a part of this.

  2. burim salihi

    my favorite fighter – The Golden Boy

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