Angela Rivera-Parr defeated in MMA debut

Muay Thai star Angela Rivera-Parr made her MMA debut this weekend at Cage Wars 2 in Autralia facing fellow kickboxer Claire Haigh. The details, courtesy of Infinite MMA:

Angela did well in the first round to keep the fight standing and looking to have won the round but in the second round Claire managed to get the fight to the ground and finish it with a rear naked choke.

Full results:

Angie Parr v Claire Haigh
Claire Haigh win 2nd Rnd via RNC

Michael Mortimer V Shinichi Okada
Michael Mortimer win 3rd Rnd via RNC

Manoel Rodriguez v Jade Jordan
Manoel Rodriguez win 1st Rnd via RNC

Josh Ogilvie v Matt Walker
Josh Ogilvie win 3rd Rnd via Guillotine

Raad Brewer v Frank MacDonald
Raad Brewer win 1st Rnd via RNC

Ben Mortimer v Danny Finney
Ben Mortimer win 2nd Rnd via GnP

Dan Hyatt v Beau Luxford
Dan Hyatt win 1st Rnd via RNC

Luke Cotton v Bosco Noscovic
Luke Cotton win, Bosco didn’t answer the bell for the 2nd round

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