Japan New Year’s Eve Update

Last week, we reported on the news that Sengoku would be holding a year end show, possibly on New Year’s Eve to compete with the DREAM/K-1 Dynamite show. Today, we have more details:

Sengoku officials confirmed that the main event at this card would be Satoshi Ishii v. Hidehiko Yoshida. This is a huge match for Japanese MMA, and the kind of big money match Sengoku has never before been able to draw – a battle between Judo gold medal Olympians, with Ishii making his debut and Yoshida potentially in his retirement fight. It is also a fight between a man once considered to be the future of Japanese MMA, and the potential heir to that title – a true changing of the guard in every sense.

Sengoku is still considering the date for this event, which will either be December 31 or January 3. If they do decide on the 31st, Ishii v. Yoshida will definitely capture the interest of fans and would be a serious challenge to FEG’s current New Year’s Eve dominance. Sengoku is finalizing TV and sponsor deals and will announce the final date later this month.



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4 responses to “Japan New Year’s Eve Update

  1. Dave

    Absolute desperation move. When Ishii first signed onto WVR I was saying this was the fight they’d run, even though Ishii should get a proper debut against a fighter on his level… But they just can’t risk it.

    Their big problem is, this is their only money fight they have for Ishii. Most of the big name heavyweights not in UFC are involved with FEG/Strikeforce. Basically its Antonio Silva and Barnett.. Maybe Monson and Ken Shamrock?

  2. burim salihi

    they need immediatly to merge with FEG/strikeforce

  3. frasercoffeen

    Maybe a desperation move, but I think it’s the right one to make. You can’t script combat sports and guarantee that a “tune up” fight won’t turn into a disaster upset. If they ran Ishii v. Kiss Nakao and Nakao won, then Ishii v. Yoshida would lose all its luster. Strike now while the iron is hot and you can maybe make a star. And frankly, if Sengoku doesn’t make a star here, they really don’t have much of a shot at growth.

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