Fight Order for Final 16: Hari v. Samedov to Main Event

K-1 posted the fight card order for the Final 16. Weird choice for a main event, as Hari v. Samedov is one of the least competative fights on the card, but it really shows just how much stock K-1 officials have in Hari.

#9: Badr Hari v. Zabit Samedov
#8: Peter Aerts v. Alistair Overeem
#7: Jerome Le Banner v. Musashi
#6: Semmy Schilt v. Daniel Ghita
#5: Ewerton Teixeira v. Singh Jaideep
#4: Ruslan Karaev v. Kyotaro
#3: Errol Zimmerman v. Glaube Feitosa
#2: Remy Bonjasky v. Melvin Manhoef
#1: Catalin Moresanu v. Taiei Kin
Special Fight #2: Chi Bin Lim v. Tahir Menxhiqi
Special Fight #1: Su Jeong Lim v. Chen Qing
Opening Fight #2: Min Ho Song v. Nae Chul Kim
Opening Fight #1: Taisei Ko v. Hyun Man Myung



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3 responses to “Fight Order for Final 16: Hari v. Samedov to Main Event

  1. Dave

    This also shows how little faith they have in Bonjasky.

  2. burim salihi

    GREAT MOVE by K-1
    well, its evident Who is the best Striker in the planet
    the real K-1 champion is Badr Hari
    and Samedov is underestimated a little bit

  3. frasercoffeen

    I agree that Samedov is underestimated a bit, but Hari is just a really bad match-up for him. Samedov is an undersized HW with no power who works a strong point game for his wins. I think that works well against a lot of people, and there are a lot of guys in the Final 16 I think he would have a shot against. But that’s not the recipe to defeat Hari, and K-1 knows it – this is last to give Hari a highlight reel KO to end the show. Which, you are right, is a smart move to keep interest high for the Final 8.

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