Jean-Claude Van Damme Confirms Fight?

JCVDFinally, an update from the Van Damme camp regarding the Kamsing fight next spring… sort of. This comes courtesy of Van Damme’s Facebook page:

To put the rumors down, Sensei Claude Goetz (Van Damme’s martial arts instructor) confirms that JCVD wanted to do a big fight since ten years – Sensei Goetz always used his veto – but for JCVD it seems to be a vital, physical and moral… matter. Sensei Goetz has given his authorization under conditions! The medicine faculty approbation and a strictly hard training like thirty years ago. The fight is planned to be held in May, June or July 2010 in accordance with the arrangements. The opponent will be the Thai fighter Somluck Kamsing, Olympic gold-medalist in boxing and muay thai champ. Pictures and other information will regularly follow, particularly the signed contract and training sessions.

“Hey, sensei! The world is talking about it? It’ll be hot! I’ll be ready!” — Jean-Claude Van Damme

It should be noted that this page offers a disclaimer that it “is not administrated by Mr. Van Damme in person.” So, still not a 100% confirmation from Van Damme, but all signs continue to point towards this actually taking place.


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