Battle of Sweden II Card

bos2Solid card coming out of Sweden featuring a good mix of established Muay Thai fighters and up and comers. Both Forster v. Verresen and Saiyok v. Samranchai are excellent match-ups and should be great fights:

Battle of Sweden II

Magnus Bonde vs Fredrik Lundgren
Ulf Byman vs Viet Hoang
Driton Rama vs Nima Rafei
Daniel Teymur vs Alexander Gasparov
Adam Lazarevic vs Sadibou Sy
Chris Forster vs Nico Verresen
Tofan Pirani vs Mika Kinnunen
Saiyok Phunphanmuang vs Samranchai 96Peenung
Sanny Dahlbeck vs Genc Uka
Tobias Alexandersson vs Fadi Merza


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