Daily Video: Ray Sefo v. Min Soo Kim

Of course the big show this coming weekend is the K-1 Final 16, but don’t forget this weekend also marks the MMA return of Ray Sefo. Sefo will take part in Strikeforce Challengers 3 against Kevin Jordan, best known for his short UFC run and awful fight with Gabriel Gonzaga. Sefo has been training in Las Vegas at Extreme Couture (earning him a brief UFC cameo as one of Vitor’s training partners during the Franklin v. Belfort countdown special), and this marks his 2nd MMA fight. To prepare, here is a look back at Sefo’s first MMA venture.

Ray Sefo v. Min Soo Kim
Hero’s 2 – July 6, 2005

Does Sefo have a complete enough game to compete in MMA? Can he still be relevant in the fighting game? I look forward to getting some answers this weekend.


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