Kings of the Ring Card: Oct. 16

On October 16, Kings of the Ring will hold their next event. “Return of the Gladiators” will be held in Brno in the Czech Republic and will feature some very intriguing matches:

Kings of the Ring
Return of the Gladiators

October 16, 2009
Brno, Czech Republic

Tomas Hron vs Ashwin Balrak
Ondrej Hutnik vs Kaoklai Kennorassing
Andrei Kulebin vs Rudolf Durica
Vlado Moravcik vs Foad Sadeghi
Jakub Gazdik vs Goran Borovic
Tomas Senkyr vs Ivan Stanic
Marcel Jager vs Jiri Jaros
Martin Kalis vs Kande Ndombi
Peter Baran vs Zdenek Pernica
Andre Reinders vs Arbi Agujev
Attila Vegh vs Matijas Baric

The main event is a solid fight. Hron’s last high profile fight was a loss at It’s Showtime to Daniel Ghita, while Balrak is on an impressive 7 fight win streak and looking to crack the top 20. The two men met once before in December 2007, with Balrak earning the decision win.

Hutnik v. Kaoklai will also be interesting as Kaoklai has struggled somewhat in recent fights and will look to get back on track here.


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