Daily Video: Words From the Champ

With the focus on Badr Hari, Aerts v. Overeem, Ghita v. Schilt, one man seems to have slipped through the cracks of this year’s Final 16 talk: Remy Bonjasky.

In the past year he’s been called an actor by Alistair Overeem, a boring fighter by Melvin Manhoef, and disrespected by Badr Hari, but the facts speak for themselves. Three Grand Prix titles with a strong shot at winning #4. The defending Grand Prix champion. The consensus #1 ranked fighter in the world. The only man to go 2-0 against Badr Hari. Quite simply, Bonjasky is “the man” and whatever you may feel about his style or his theatrics, you cannot deny that, until someone dethrones him, The Flying Dutchman sits atop the K-1 ladder.

In honor of the champ, I thought it only appropriate to end the week, by letting the man speak for himself:

Don’t forget to watch the K-1 Final 16 this weekend at HDNet, or check back here tomorrow morning for complete results.


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