Catalin Morosanu Confirms He is an Idiot

Look, I don’t like to be overly rough on fighters, especially younger fighters without a lot of experience, but Morsanu’s claim of ignorance at the 10-second warning is pathetic. Anybody who has followed combat sports knows there is a ten-second warning, then the bell to end the round, as well as the ref will be the one to stop the round. Morosanu stopped and Kin tagged him, not the most sportsmanlike thing to do, sure, but after getting slaughtered by leg kicks, I’m sure Kin was frustrated. It was legal as the fight was still ongoing. Morosanu admits in the press conference after the show that he was pissed, so he tagged Kin to teach him a lesson. If Badr Hari was stripped of his title and purse last year, what will this mean for the youngster Morsanu?


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