HW Rankings Updated

Coming off the Final 16, K-1 Legend has updated our Heavyweight rankings:

1. Remy Bonjasky
2. Badr Hari
3. Semmy Schilt
4. Alistair Overeem
5. Peter Aerts
6. Errol Zimmerman
7. Ruslan Karaev
8. Ewerton Teixeira
9. Nathan Corbett
10. Kyotaro
11. Mourad Bouzidi
12. Zabit Samedov
13. Daniel Ghita
14. Gokhan Saki
15. Tyrone Spong
16. Jerome Le Banner
17. Melvin Manhoef
18. Sergei Lascenko
19. Attila Karacs
20. Singh Jaideep

The biggest change here is obviously Overeem leaping up to #4. I anticipate a lot of folks will balk at his high ranking, but the fact is in the last year he’s had two wins against (at the time) the #2 and #3 ranked fighters, and had a close, competitive fight with #1. K-1 fans may not like it, and you can argue that his wins are due in large part to his suspect build, but he’s beaten some huge names and has clearly earned a top spot.

Other good increases for Karaev, Zimmerman, and Le Banner, who all rebounded from loses with impressive Final 16 wins. Despite winning, Teixeira actually ends up dropping a bit, being leapfrogged by a few fighters who had more impressive showings than Ewerton’s lackluster performance against fringe top 20 fighter Jaideep.



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4 responses to “HW Rankings Updated

  1. Ta2

    Great rankings,agree with pretty much everybody. Maybe Corbett is a little bit high,his record is impressive,but not against world class opponents,I would love to see him in K-1,or Its Showtime

  2. burim salihi

    you ranked OverOids with record: 4-3 in the 4th place hahhahah

  3. Ta2

    who cares about the records? really…you must be mma fan too,MMAth is big there. Watch more fights,and read less fightfinder/wikipedia! As much as I dont like him,AO really deserves that #4 spot.

  4. Dave

    Honestly, I know Overeem being so high is a shock, but look at it this way; Since Overeem’s return to kickboxing in December ’08 he is 2-1. His two wins are against Badr Hari and Peter Aerts, with a contested loss to Remy Bonjasky. The handy defeat of Hari makes him a top competitor, pretty much defeating Bonjasky but losing on the scorecards means he can hang. According to the draws, it looks like he’ll at least be a semi-finalist in this year’s WGP, which is no small feat.

    Then he’ll most likely get a rematch with Badr.

    It is hard to admit, but Alistair Overeem is one of the best heavyweight kickboxers in the world.

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