Battle of Sweden 2 Results

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Battle of Sweden 2
September 26, 2009

Giang Hoang Vs Ahmed Khalli – DRAW
Magnus Bonde vs Fredrik Lundgren – winner 2-1 Fredirk Lundgren
Viet Hoang Vs Ulf Byman – winner 3-0 Viet Hoang
Driton Rama Vs Nima Rafei – Winner 2-1 Nima Rafei
Alexander Gasparov Vs Daniel Teymur – Winner 2-1 Alexander Gasparov
Adam Lazarevic Vs Sadibou Sy – Winner 2-1 Sadibou Sy
Tobias Alexandersson Vs Fadi Merza – Winner 3-0 Tobias Alexandersson!
Chris Forster Vs Nico Verresen – Winner 2-0 Chris Forster
Saiyok Vs Samranchai – Winner 3-0 Saiyok
Sanny Dahlbeck Vs Genc Uka – Winner by RSC round 2 Genc Uka

All fights were contested under Muay Thai rules. Good wins for Forster and Saiyok, but not much else to write home about from this card.


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