Sefo wins in Strikeforce

Ray Sefo made a successful return to MMA this weekend, defeating Kevin Jordan at the Strikeforce Challengers event. Despite earning the win, it was not a great showing for Sefo, who spent the latter half of round 1 on his back absorbing punches from the veteran Jordan. As round 2 got under way, Jordan suffered a knee injury, and Sefo was awarded the TKO victory. No footage is yet available online, but check out the photo highlights below:

One thing is clear – if Sefo plans to make the transition to MMA a permanent one, he needs to work on his ground game right away, as being controlled by the declining journeyman Jordan does not bode well for his long-term chances. Hopefully with some ring rust worked off he can tighten up his ground game, but at 38, time is certainly not on his side to implement large changes in his game. I like Sefo, and want to see him stick around, but I fear his time as a relevant fighter in either sport may be coming to a close.


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