It’s Showtime promises huge announcement

Top European kickboxing organization It’s Showtime is promising something big for their 2010 Amsterdam Arena show on May 29:

On Friday October 9 European Fighting Network will present news that will strike like a bomb, both nationally and internationally. Never in our 12-year existence have we been able to bring such big news.

Too often, these kind of “huge announcements” turn out to be pretty bland (Lorenzo Fertita taking part on the daily activities of UFC anyone?), but it’s worth noting that the last big announcement from It’s Showtime was the Badr Hari v. Semmy Schilt fight, which remains one of the biggest kickboxing matches of 2009. Hard to think about any huge fights out there that either have not happened, or might not happen at the Grand Prix, but I look forward to hearing what It’s Showtime has planned. Check back next Friday morning for the news.



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3 responses to “It’s Showtime promises huge announcement

  1. burim salihi

    if it’s going to be a fight then, i know its gonna be Badr Hari vs SOMEONE, but who is that Someone ???

  2. burim salihi

    It’s Showtime promotion announced a while ago that they were going to hold a press conference on the 9th of October to confirm a LEGENDARY match making

    they wanted to announce Enresto Hoost vs Badr Hari, the deal was as good as sealed

    Ernesto Hoost however (wisely) withdrawed because he thinks it is not a smart move and he doesn’t stand a good chance. I think he is right, he’s been out for too much time and Badr is an animal

  3. Dave

    Thanks Burim!

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