Vadim Finkelstein’s Public Reply to Bas Boon

Since we’ve heard one side of the story, it is only fair to share the side of M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelstein. This morning he posted a full reply to all of Bas Boon’s recent allegations against M-1 Global members on the M-1 Global website. I am in the process of speaking to Vadim personally which I’ll hopefully have up within the next few days, but for now you can go to the M-1 Global site and see what Vadim has to say in response.

Boon: “I tried to help the first M-1 promotions/events in Russia, I helped with the Cage and matchmaking and lightning.”

But you forgot to mention that you didn’t do it free of charge. You got the broadcasting rights etc.

I did the first Cage Fight in Holland in Emmen in 1996.

That’s true. And after that tournament the cage was banned in the whole Europe…

I made a business deal regarding all M-1/Red Devil rights for bringing fighters and helping producing the shows.

Yes, I had that agreement with you in order provide my athletes with fights. And you got 10% of their fees when you found the fights for them.

I put Amar Suloev en Semenov in the UFC for a lot of money (at that time it was a lot of money).

You made this fight indeed, got 10% or it, but you forgot to tell about how you deducted money from their fees and told us that it was an American additional tax deduction. Then I found out from the Americans that there should be no taxes, the fees were paid netto. You put your hands into the guys’ pocket although you already got your 10%. It was the first issue and then I was planning to stop any business relations with you.
I introduced you to my long time business partner where you went with fighters to Brazil for fight events.

Perhaps you forgot at whose expense they would participate. The deal was that I provide the fighters and in return gain the television rights to broadcast those events in Russia.

I brought Appy to Japan on the cost of Golden Glory (I paid for that trip to Japan, hotels flights, everything as we were business partners in promoting fight events).

M-1 Global didn’t exist at that time and Apy didn’t work for it.


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