First Canseco, now Choi v. Shaq?

Beating the 45 year old, retired baseball star wasn’t enough. Now Hong Man Choi is perhaps facing a new challenge: 300+ pound NBA star/actor/rapper Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq has jokingly called out Choi before, including in this video:

Just Shaq being goofy, right? Probably, but in an interesting development, website MMA Fanhouse recently interviewed Choi, who, when asked if he would be interested in a fight against Shaq, responded “Yes, if there is a chance.”

Is this fight a possibility? Hard to say. If Shaq wants it, you can be sure FEG and DREAM will sign it. The only problem is, Shaq is talking about this coming after he retires, two seasons from now. That’s a long time to wait and a lot could happen between now and then, either to Dream or to Choi. So it’s likely too soon to get excited just yet, but in an age where American Gladiator’s and Jean-Claude Van Damme are stepping in the ring, it certainly could happen.


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