Oct. 17th: Alistair Overeem vs. Sam Hoger

So rumors have been floating around the past few days about some mysterious Alistair Overeem fight involving former TUF fighter Sam Hoger. Hoger known for, well, a bunch of notable losses to much better opponents and fighting at 205 will be, according to our sources,  getting pummeled by Golden Glory’s favorite son, Alistair Overeem at the Golden Glory anniversary show. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to any MMA fan, as Overeem was confirmed on this show ages ago, as it is his gym. Sam Hoger seems like a bit of an afterthought and an easy win for Overeem, but it is the world of MMA and strange things can happen.

Regardless, it is the biggest fight Hoger has had since his dismissal from the UFC, being beaten up for three rounds by Lyoto Machida. For Overeem, it is just another day as a Golden Glory fighter.


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