K-1 ColliZion Update: Mo v. Morosanu, Lungu v. Justice

UPDATE: Live Results are here, at Head Kick Legend.

The results are in from the K-1 ColliZion voting and the two main events are set. No surprise in the vote to choose Mighty Mo’s opponent as fan favorite Catalin Morosanu took over 80% of the vote against Raul Catinas. This is a welcome opportunity for Morosanu, who had his highest profile fight to date end in a rather embarrassing fashion when he was DQ’d against Taiei Kin recently. A win over Mighty Mo will go a long way towards erasing that loss.

Meanwhile, on the super heavyweight side, American Gladiator Jesse “Justice” Smith barely outscored Butterbean 51% to 49% to face the massive Alexandre Lungu. Smith’s win denies us Butterbean v. Lungu, a fight that would have looked decidedly like Tweedledee v. Tweedledum. A few other fights have been announced as well:

K-1 ColliZion
Final Elimination Romania
October 24

Mighty Mo v. Catalin Morosanu
Alexandre Lungu v. Justice Smith
Shamil Abasov v. James Phillips
Dzevad Poturak v. Raul Catinas
Mihaita Golescu v. Petr Vondracek
Alexey Ignashov v. Freddy Kemayo (rumored)

For a relatively smaller card, this is very well put together with a good name draw fight in the main event, an interesting sideshow, and some solid undercard matches in Poturak v. Catinas and Vondracek v. Golescu in particular.

Fans can watch the event live on the 24th at Kombat.ro.


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