Sengoku’s NYE beginning to take shape

Nightmare of Battle is reporting that Sengoku’s big year end show will in fact be on New Year’s Eve, competing with FEG’s annual Dynamite show. We already know the big draw will be Satoshi Ishii making his debut against Hidehiko Yoshida, but some other matches are starting to come together as well:

Sengoku Raiden Championship
Date: December 31st, 2009
Place: Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan

Heavyweight Fight:
Satoshi Ishii vs. Hidehiko Yoshida

Possible Fights:
Antonio Silva vs. Josh Barnett
Masanori Kanehara vs. Hioki/Omigawa

Possible Participants:
Mizuto Hirota
Satoru Kitaoka
Takanori Gomi
Hiroshi Izumi

Right now, Sengoku is gambling it all on Ishii v. Yoshida, as Barnett v. Silva, a Kanehara title defense, or any of the other possible participants are not going to draw. Unfortunately for Sengoku, they really do not have any draws outside of Ishii and Yoshida at this point. The big question is, how big will that one fight draw, as it is the kind of super fight that can carry a show on its back. Look for FEG to offer something big in response.


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One response to “Sengoku’s NYE beginning to take shape

  1. Dave

    Sengoku 10 I had a hard time watching just for how depressing it was. The arena was all blocked off and was just about half empty with their setup.

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