Bob Sapp v. Patrice Quarteron in France

A-1-Quarteron-vs-Bob-Sapp-posterThe Beast just keeps on going. He’s just days removed from Dream 11, he’s talking about a fight at Dynamite (Canseco?), and now he’s signed his latest. On November 28 for the A1 promotion in Lyons, France, Sapp will face the big French kickboxer Patrice Quarteron in a K-1 rules fight. While a far cry from his glory days fighting Akebono, Quarteron provides the kind of oversized, odd opponent that Sapp thrives on these days.

If Sapp actually cares to put in some effort, this is a win-able fight for him. But that’s a pretty big “if”, and frankly, it’s not one I would bet on. Look for Quarteron to take a first round KO and Sapp to continue his losing ways.

Ah well, at least we can count on Sapp to deliver on the video hype packages:



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2 responses to “Bob Sapp v. Patrice Quarteron in France

  1. whomever

    Bob Sapp is doing it real big. I love it.

    Any word on if he won his fight in China?

  2. frasercoffeen

    That would be the fight against Alain “The Panther” Ngalani. Don’t know the details, but Ngalani won.

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