Evolution 18 This Weekend, Parr Out

evo_poster-30-9Just a reminder, tomorrow night (or, in the early hours tonight if you’re in the US) is the muay thai event Evolution 18 from Melbourne, Australia, headlined by K-1 veteran Paul Slowinski.

Evolution 18

Paul Slowinski v. Ben Edwards
Soren Monkongton v. Naruepol
Dane “Daddy Kool” v. Prasert
Angela Rivera-Parr v. Nicole Brolan
Super Boi v. Andy Colgrave
Jarrod Gregor v. Brett Franklin
Stuart Palmer v. Tom Murray
Ray Dimachki v. Phillip Salesia
Michael Demetriou v. Daniel Smirk

Originally, the show was to be headlined by John Wayne Parr v. Ole Laursen, however Parr had to pull out due to an eye injury. How bad of an injury?

[blockquote]with a strong suggestion from the eye specialist it is recommended that JWP have a short break from training, sparring or any contact what so ever as the next 6 weeks as this is the danger period the retina is easily detached and could leave JWP blind in one eye forever.[/blockquote]

Fair enough. With Parr out, Slowinski v. Edwards steps into the main event. Good to see Slowinski back in action after suffering an injury earlier this year. We’ll have full results as soon as they are available.


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