Golden Glory Card Finalized: Overeem v. Tony Sylvester

The card for the Golden Glory 10th Anniversary show is finally set and there are a few notable changes:

Golden Glory

Semmy Schilt v. Alexei Ignashov K1
Alistair Overeem v. Tony Sylvester MMA
Nieky Holzken v. Faldir Chahbari K1
Siyar Bahadurzada v. Robert Jocz MMA
Ruslan Karaev v. Hesdy Gerges K1
Dion Staring v. Rodney Glunder MMA
Errol Zimmerman v. Wendell Roche K1
Valentijn Overeem v. Nikolai Onikienko MMA
Stefan Leko v. Anderson “Braddock” Silva K1
Vincent Latoel v. Tommy Depret MMA
Halim Issaoui v. Ali Gunyar K1
Jason Jones v. Hracho Darpinyan MMA
Krista Fleming v. Titiana van Polanen Petel K1
Nils van Noort v. Hans Stringer MMA

After rumors of Mighty Mo, the bouncer he brawled with this year, and Sam Hogar, in the end Overeem draws Tony Sylvester as his opponent. Sylvester is an 11-2 MMA fighter from the US whose most high profile fight to date was a loss to Chris Tuchscherer at the infamous YAMMA Pit Fighting.

Also notable – Gokhan Saki dropped out of his fight with Hesdy Gerges and is replaced by Ruslan Karaev. Does this mean that Saki is not yet at 100% and doesn’t want to risk anything before his reserve fight? If the rumors are true and he is fighting Peter Aerts in December, he will need to be absolutely at the tope of his game, and a tune up fight here wouldn’t have hurt. Interesting to see Karaev step in, as he’ll be favored here, but Gerges put up a strong showing against Schilt earlier this year and has the potential to score the upset – which would be a devastating blow for Karaev heading into the final 8.


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